About Razzaz Boutique Hotel

Razzaz Boutique Hotel is a 1400 square meter building in a 650 square meter land, with 22 rooms, a courtyard, a roof terrace, a kitchen, dining area, reception, gift shop and bathrooms in the yard. It has 46 beds, which means the residents will have enough space to relax and keep their privacy.

The unique ambiance of Razzaz Boutique Hotel, besides the comfort and safety it offers, as well as its convenient location in the heart of Tehran, are the major attractions of staying there.

Ali Jafarnejad is the founder and CEO of Razzaz Boutique Hotel. Staying in numerous budget hotels during years of traveling as a young budget tourist and his never ending admiration of the history, culture, art and architecture of Iran, inspired Ali to have his own hotel with the features of traditional Iranian houses.

He started looking for a property with the characteristics of authentic Iranian houses: central courtyard surrounded by wooden doors and colored windows and a blue pool in the middle, a balcony with high roof and tall pillars and brick floor and walls with turquoise blue tiles.

 After months of searching in the central parts of Tehran, he found a 150-year-old house in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tehran, but unfortunately it was not in a very good condition due to years of neglect of the property. The basements were stuffed full of tons of construction waste and garbage, the original bricks were covered with layers of cement, the pool was filled with soil, some roofs were falling and one could not see any of the beauties of the building. Yet, it was much better than most of the houses Ali had seen during the past months.

After 5 years of constant work of art and love, this building which was fully forgotten and about to ruin, was resurrected as a magnificent home, whose memory will shine in your mind forever.